Where to Find Deals on Cyber Monday

Where to Find Deals on Cyber Monday

The 2021 holiday shopping season is just around the corner—and with global supply chain shortages and delays, online shopping will be more competitive than ever. And the competition for the best 4K TVs, smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart home devices will be red hot.

So when is the best time to find the biggest discounts and sales on the year’s must-have tech—and well in time for them to arrive to be gift-wrapped? On Cyber Monday, which falls on November 29,2021. 

Cyber Monday, the annual massive online shopping sale just days after Black Friday, is quite simply the best opportunity of the year to get the cheapest prices on tech and other highly-prized devices and gifts. 

Ready to splurge on a Smart Coffeemaker? This is your day. Finally decided to get the Apple Watch? Cyber Monday may be your best bet for a better price. Determined to show off a 65-inch 4k Ultra Smart-TV? Do it Cyber Monday and show off the deal you got, too. 

But you won’t be the only one looking for sales, so you’ll have to be attentive and strategic!  Below are some tips for finding and snagging the best deals this Cyber Monday.

Tip #1 Look for Early Cyber Monday Deals

Given the current supply chain issues and the potential for shipping delays, 2021 is a particularly good year to shop early. Fortunately, despite the name, the dramatic discounts don’t have to happen on Cyber Monday itself. Past experience shows that some early deals even pop-up on Thanksgiving Day.  Look for “Flash Sales” on Amazon.com and BestBuy.com, though these retailers typically sell very limited quantities of advertised stock. 

Tip #2 Stay Open to Other Brands or Models

Millions of shoppers will be on the hunt for that same ideal TV or Smartphone or Tablet you’ve waited months to buy on sale, so don’t despair if your top brand preference is sold out. Do your research well before Cyber Monday and consider alternative models to buy instead—you may even snag a better deal.

Tip #3 Look Beyond the Big Online Retailers

While Amazon.com, BestBuy.com and Walmart.com usually reign supreme on Cyber Monday, be sure to check out other retailers’ online stores. For example, Staples usually offers excellent deals on laptops and tablets on Cyber Monday.  And if you’re a brand loyalist, don’t forget to search that particular company’s website, too. Dell Computers typically offers its best pricing of the year on Cyber Monday on its site, Dell.com. Likewise, Samsung.com may have the best deal of the year for the Samsung Galaxy Watch. 

Yes, you’ll likely have to act fast to find and snatch up great deals on Cyber Monday. But a bit of planning and research upfront, as well as looking beyond the typical online stores for big sales, may reap great rewards and savings this holiday season. 

“Make Ready” In Sierra County

“Make Ready” In Sierra County

Sierra Electric Co-op and Ethos Broadband have partnered up to bring fiber internet to 1,400 homes in Sierra County, New Mexico. Crews of R&R Line Services are shown here replacing an electric pole in the Lakeshore Highlands area in “Make Ready” preparation of Fiber Cable on the Co-op’s electric grid.

Construction of the fiber network will begin after the “Make Ready” crews have completed their work of pole replacement, pole insertion, and miscellaneous clean up in the power space. If you have property in Sierra County and want to find out if you qualify for the World-Class Fiber Network visit ethosbroadband.com or call 833-650-0480.